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We offer a full spectrum of mortgage products tailored to our clients' individual circumstances. Our extensive experience dealing with major banks, trust companies, alternative lenders, and private investors makes us a valuable asset to anyone interested in mortgage financing. Having joined the Invis family, Adnerys Armstrong and Ascienda Mortgages are now excited to offer the same personalized service to even more clients.

Adnerys is committed to providing expert service that is not only personal and honest, but also dedicated towards saving her clients' time and money. With more than two decades of experience, Adnerys is a knowledgeable yet refreshing alternative to your typical mortgage broker.

We work with clients to find mortgage solutions in Calgary, Edmonton and other areas within Alberta, Canada.
A new home is a long-term investment for both your family and your future. Whether you are purchasing a home for the first time or are a repeat buyer, you need to make a sensible decision based on accurate information. Adnerys will provide the advice and guidance required to lead you to a successful transaction. Our dream is to make yours come true; we are proud to have made home ownership a possibility for hundreds of families. We also deal with commercial, rental, and recreational properties.
Your home is a powerful asset and if used strategically it can enhance your economic strength. Through refinancing and home equity takeouts you can tap into this asset and make use of your resources. With the help of our mortgage professionals your possibilities are limitless:
  • consolidate debt
  • lower monthly payments
  • decrease interest rates
  • renovate
  • invest
  • increase cash flexibility
Credit Repair
Mortgage refinancing poses an opportunity to reduce your credit burden and improve your financial health. We all go through challenging periods, but there are options available before considering last resort measures such as foreclosure or bankruptcy. Adnerys specializes in these areas and can help navigate you through the process to get you back on the path to good credit. Communicating with bidding lenders allows us to negotiate the most suitable mortgage product and the best rates. Whether you’re coming up for renewal or want to refinance your current mortgage, contact us and we will be your beacon to a brighter future.
Calgary mortgage broker
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